American misleading act towards MCC

Kathmandu, Nepal communist party (Masal) said that, M.C.C. Indo-Pacific strategy is misleading. Recently, America has said that M.C.C. is not the part of the IP strategy. However, NCP (Masal) revealed that it is the part.

The US has purposed such a misleading statement just to misguide the Nepalese people so that the Nepalese people who were protesting against the M.C.C. would be distracted.

Party spokesperson Ram Prakash Puri in his press release mentioned that Americans are providing the militant and financial aid to fulfill their own imperialism interest. Previously, the American embassy in their clarification statement said that M.C.C. is nowhere related to Indo-pacific strategy while that is not the fact.

At the American embassy situated at Kathmandu and American state assistant secretary Mrs. Alenbhal stated that M.C.C. Indo-Pacific is the part. Currently to conceal this fact and divert the Nepalese people from protest American embassy has been trying to give false statement that’s completely opposite from the earlier one.

Even though the M.C.C. is a financial project it is the core part of Indo Pacific strategy. And the fact is not hidden from any one that in past as well America has applied the same military and financial aid strategy to fulfill it sown imperialism interest hence, the financial aid is its own military strategy to fulfill its desire. Actually, the American foreign strategy failed to proceed from US AID that’s why they had brought this M.C.C. project.

In addition, as the US AID failed now the America is going to achieve those goals through the M.C.C.

America’s foreign strategy means to forward the American imperialism strategy. Adding to this, on the one hand, there is increasing influence of American Imperialism strategy in the political scenario of Nepal. On the other hand, the political parties are convincing that it will help in creating a base for the infrastructural development of the country. However the truth is that they are supporting the imperialism and our party strongly protests about this.

The American Ambassador purposed the 10 points clarification regarding the M.C.C. however;it has no meaning since the statement is to conceal the real consequences and just to mislead the Nepali people so that they won’t become the hindrance in the path of succeeding towards imperialism. Infact, M.C.C. is just a name of a bigger picture that is to expand the mission of the American imperialism.

That’s why, we request you all to give your kind attention not to be mislead from this kind of clarifications. They are actually presented in front of us so that they could mislead us and hence get succeed towards their mission. “the American Imperialism”.

प्रतिक्रिया दिनुहोस !

सम्बन्धित समाचार