The present government is traitor of nation : singh


Mr. Mohan Bikram Singh, The General secretary of Nepal communist party (masal) claim that receiving the financial aid through M.C.C. is against the Non alignment foreign Neutral policy of Nepal.

Mr. Singh blamed that the current government is a traitor who is enticed from the financial aid tempting to treason own country. “The current govt. allured from the financial aid is going to act as traitor of their own country.” He said “for the financial aid you are not allowed to mortgage the country’s sovereignty.”

When Mr. singh went for the internal party program at surket, he attended press release organized by Sanchar club and said that MCC came with the strategy to fortify the China. Therefore, the MCC is against the Non alignment foreign neutral policy of Nepal. He said MCC is the core part of Indo-pacific strategy and hence it is against non-alignment foreign neutral policy of Nepal

The government is supporting MCC without considering its hazardous consequences. Instead of analyzing the matter more seriously its decision are solely based on their self-interest and are very non foresighted and immature. Even this decision is related to our country’s sovereignty the government is overlooking all its consequences. In this case, Nepal would move towards the American’s camp, consequently, the relation between China and Nepal will be negatively affected.  In addition to this, even in the eyes of other country Nepal’s dignity would be lose and it will only be regarded as a pro-American country.

He added that the MCC’s mission is not only related to imperialism and militant but also the conditions for implementing the plan is also offensive and hazardous for the country. It is mentioned that all thoughts not related to that treaty in Nepal’s law would be inactive. Similarly, only America will have the right to audit the treaty.  Hence, these conditions are against the national sovereignty of Nepal.

General Secretary said that the government tried to prove M.C.C. is not a part of Indo Pacific strategy (IPS). However, America had already stated in its formal statement that M.C.C. is a part of IP strategy. This shows that the Nepal govt. wants to implement this M.C.C. by any means they are trying to implement M.C.C. at the cost of country’s sovereignty. Hence, they are trying to cover up all the hazardous consequences of this strategy and treacherously betraying the Nepali citizens.

Mr. Singh said “current government is a leftist rather than communist”, Singh added “we have said this govt. as a leftist government. Additionally, we support some of their peoples’ right but they are not implementing their own socio economic policy submitted in election manifesto.

Since, the Federalism divides the nation in parts and it is not required in our country Nepal, we are against federalism and peoples’ awareness campaign is going on.

प्रतिक्रिया दिनुहोस !

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