Prime Minister kp oli took 12 issues raised in the parliament.

Prime Minister oli has made the government’s opinion on the important issue of the questions raised in the policy and program.

Prime Minister oli said the new design of Nepal, black and black and water from the government has been approved from the subject of the government to control the cause of the government to control the cause of the council of ministers. Also, prime minister oli has also raised the issue of the fact that the government has taken back the land of India to take back the land of India in his address.

12 important issues of Prime Minister’s address.

1) the map continues not for you

Prime Minister oli said that the decision to release the new map, black water and lipulēkalā’ī is not for you. ‘ it is not done to show the account of any kind or so called nationalism. It’s not a slap, it’s taken back to reality. This is our land. We take it back. ‘

Prime Minister oli has decided to release a new map of the new map to take back the nepali land in the economic dialogue. ‘ it will take out the conclusion. We will take back our land, ‘ oli said. Even though it was controversial, he said that this nepali was a part of the land and Nepal didn’t even have an arghēlyā’ī.

2) Returns of the chemistry back on the map

Prime Minister oli said that india will bring back the nepali land of India. ‘ we are in favor of truth and justice. We will talk to India and return the land through our political talks, ‘ oli said.

It was clear that the land of Nepal was clear till 2018, the land of Nepal has been removed and now the subject of limpiyādhurā, black water and lipulēkakō will not be allowed to be in the ocean. ‘ now it will not be enough, it will not be allowed to be done. The conclusion will be removed. The land of the land will be taken back. ‘

3) Nationalism is not small-large

Prime Minister oli said that the land of Nepal will not be small even if any country, chemistry or population is big-small.

‘ no country can be in a big-small and large number of development and the public can not be small-Large, all nations should be able to use the same freedom, all nation should be able to use the same freedom, ‘ he added, ‘ it is the freedom of the country. Should not be able to imagine. There can be a large or small of a country, the population can be big or small. It may be ahead or behind in development. But, selfishness can’t be small or big. Everyone should be able to use freedom as well. The policy related to yourself and the world should be decided. ‘

4) Clear answer to India

Prime Minister oli has also changed the event of Indian symbol of India and also updated the event of India. The symbol of India and nepalese has written in four faces of India, oli said that India and nepalese do not treat ‘Sihammēva Jayate’.

‘ the lion which is back around the four of Ashok is the symbol of India. Under it, the truth is written, ‘Prime Minister oli said,’ truth is written in the symbol of India, but I believe, we all nepalese believe in the truth. I am going to ask india whether truth win or lion win? ‘

Prime Minister oli also said that india has made the black water area to be controversial. After the Indian Army lived in black water, then they were blocked to go to black water. The leaders of that time were scared to speak. I would like to inform the current government that the prime minister will not be able to face the topic of the Prime Minister, ‘he said,’ our land is made by India, and them. ‘

He said to solve the problem with friendship based on fact proof. ‘ Justice is missing due to the difference of Nepal and India, the truth should not be reflect in the establishment, ‘ he said, ‘ we are not in excitement and passion, we are serious. We will solve the problem with friendship on the basis of fact proof. ‘ she is to solve the problem, analysis that he is making friendship instead of enemy.

The question that was sent to India in the question of the Chinese government, he said that the China government is asked to talk to India, and China has given the answer to India for the journey to the human travel and the border.

5) Government Cover game

Prime Minister oli also requested the neighbor countries not to give an expression of the pride of Nepal. He has requested not to give an expression of self-respect because he has been elected by the people of his leadership.

‘ this government was about to go to the country, the ambassador of the country played a role, ‘ the prime minister oli said, ” the prime minister oli said, ” the prime minister oli said, ” the current issue of Nepal’s current issue of Nepal’s own self-respect, ‘ any of these kind of weak, below, any of the people of Nepal. I wish the country did not speak. ‘

The members of the opposition party had also raised questions about the land of the Chinese Ambassador within the Nepal. The Prime Minister’s answer was in that question, ‘ this government has been made by the people. It is elected from the public. You can’t imagine being, being, standing, and falling from the blessings of any country. This is the result of the people’s will. ‘

6) decision from the parliament on the parliament.

Prime Minister oli requested the parliament to take decision on the cc agreement. He said he should now decide on the agreement that the parliament hasn’t been concerned about the debate in the political party.

The Prime Minister has requested to decide that the agreement was reached on the table of the speaker during the dispute over the own party. There is registered in the parliament secretariat one year ago for the approval of the mc agreement.

If there is a decision between the parties to decide between the parties, but the prime minister wants the prime minister to make a decision quickly. We have to discuss among the parties, if you want to do something, they will do something, if they are talking about those parties. It was not a matter of Parliament. The conclusion of the parties, heart attack will continue. Even if you want to fail. But, the parliament should decide on the agreement that has come as the president of the parliament. ‘

7) the campaign of corruption is wrong

Prime Minister oli claims to not worry and trust in business and other types of unknown ‘Ḍiliṅa’ in the question of buying health content. The concerned department has cancelled the agreement of the purchase of the goods, according to the short process to face the necessary quality goods from a short process to face the us.

‘ it is not good to promote in everything and those who don’t like it. It is not a campaign against corrupt people who are guilty without answer. It is not right to protest and campaign for no company getting the goods. If there is an error, it will be correct. Action will be taken if you are bad, ‘ he said.

8) definition of democracy

Prime Minister oli also gave the definition of democracy in the parliament. Saying something about democracy, oli said, ‘ we are in favor of the party of the wide democracy, including justice and justice in the country. We are not in favor of the democracy or running. ‘

He said the order was taken back in the constitution and trying to work fast by the parties, he said the order was taken back in the parliament and the research can be brought to the parliament as per the need.

9) social networks can’t watch

The Prime Minister expressed his grief on the social media that could not be seen and listening to the social media. ‘ how is our culture going? Don’t die slowly without speaking out of mouth? He said, ‘ old knowledge, science, experience and recognition will be important, even if the bridge is built, you should not follow your shoes after being built. A new concept in parliamentary practice needs to be moving forward. ‘

10) Constitution amendment

Prime Minister oli said the constitution amendment proposal will be brought to the parliament with new map, black water and biratnagar in the parliament with new map, black water and biratnagar.

He said the amendment proposal related to the schedule 3 of the constitution will be brought to the parliament soon. He has clear the constitution, except the amendment proposal related to schedule 3

‘ there may be other subject. We can discuss about it again tomorrow. But, most then the subject of importance is related to the story, map, and underground. I have taken the faith, that (Constitution amendment proposal) will pass, ‘ he said.

11) Nepali living abroad

Prime Minister oli said that there is no position to bring nepali workers from abroad, prime minister oli said that there is no position to bring them back and put them in the kvarēnṭinamā. ‘ you can bring a heart-loving person in the Parliament (feeling) that you can’t do anything and can’t do anything and make the country answer? I am not in the mood to create such a kind of bhadragol, ‘ oli said.

12) Corona, death and economy

He also said that the work of the fight and development of the development and the development of the development is also said. The Prime Minister oli said the government was the first priority to prevent and control the country in the policy and program.

‘ at this time we are fighting and putting all the power. It doesn’t mean that we won’t do any other work, ‘ oli said, ‘ our power has reduced a little bit. But, we will work for social responsibility and development. We will work according to the situation. ‘

He said the government’s attempt to not allow anyone to die from the corona virus has failed. ‘ our effort was not to lose anyone in Nepal due to a cancer or being injured in Nepal. Our efforts have failed for various reasons and 2 people have died, ‘Prime Minister oli said,’ to test more, reliable test. The government has lost the attention of the quarter and manage the ā’isōlēsana and manage the good treatment. ‘

He said the impact of the economy has been reduced to the product and the society, which has been affected by the impact of the economy. The government claims that the government is moving on that way to not let the economy be weak.

Prime Minister Oli speaking in the parliament and said that the humanity will defeat the brother. ‘ the human race will defeat the queen. We have believed that to make nepal free of Congress and the world will be free, ‘ oli said.

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