Corona virus: Impact on Children

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Prachi Bhatta

Corona virus [Covid19] which was discovered in Wuhan, China for the first time in December 2019. COVID is declared as a pandemic due to its damage on the human race physically, mentally and economically. Speaking about children, the effect even more pronounced. The spread of this virus in more than 188 countries have resulted in lock down causing delay in physical and mental growth of children, academic stoppage and cancellation of exams.

Due to lockdown children are facing physical isolation from their friends, relatives and community members. Closure of school and lack of interaction with friends and society children are suffering from social anxiety and even lead to depression. Children are in the fear of their parents, relatives, friends or themselves will be affected by Covid-19. Due to school closure stress of the study is also raising. Speaking about physical growth, the free flying children are confined in small house or in many cases even in a room which is hampering the physical growth. Children are unable to go out and play sports, meet friends and enjoy the moment of time.

COVID-19 has hampered the study in worst manner. The school are closed. Academic events are in stoppage. Exams are being cancelled. Although online classes are arranged but each and every student aren’t benefitted by online classes reason internet access. Online classes are helping students to study well but in the other hand it is increasing cyber bullying, risky online behavior and it is also increasing sexual exploitation.

So then what is the solution? Solution is simple. That children should be given more priority by the government and parents. Priorities should be given to the children. Parents and the family members should spend more time with the children, listen to their talk, worries, problems and tend to make their life more comfortable in the pandemic situation. Me myself as a child am unable to express some of my feelings, emotions and fear in front of my parents as I do with friends because friends are more friendly than the family members and parents as well.

So, provide a friendly behavior to children so that they can easy to express their emotions. Get updated about your children how they are coping with the current situation. Parents should enforce their children to listen news daily so that they can understand the current condition and they can get knowledge about their country and world.

Parents should spend more time with their children in indoor activities and providing supportive environment to them. Parents should help them finding ways to express themselves through creative activities and providing structure in the day through making routines. Be kind and honest with children help them in their work and provide a supportive environment to them.

At the end, Children should be taken more care than the usual situation during this pandemic period. Parents should listen more to the children talk and try to understand their feeling and tend to make them more relax. Parents should spend more and more time with their children.

(Class : 8, Farwest english boarding school, Dhangadhi, Kailali)

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