Corruption is a chronic disease of Nepal

210 जनाले पढ्नु भयो ।

Unfortunately in our country, corruption has been part of our life and has entered every basic area of Nepalese

Corruption is the process by which a word or expression is changed from its original state to one regrade as erroneous or debased or it can also be defined as a form of dishonesty or criminal offense undertaken  by people, authority, organization, public servant or individual for personal gains and benefits. Corruption is the diseases which degrades the society and affects the people of the society in a negative manner and compromises the rights and privileges of others.

People in position of authority are mostly susceptible to corruption. It reflects greedy and selfish behavior. Unfortunately in our country, corruption has been part of our life and has entered every basic area of Nepalese. The level of corruption is very high in Nepal. According to the transparency international 2019 report Nepal stands in the 113th position soaring 34 points. It is very shameful to hear that Nepal is one of the highly corrupted country.

Mostly political corruption has affected Nepal in very negative manner. Political corruption is the use of power by government for illegitimate private gain. Corruption, nepotism, dishonesty have tarnished every fabric of our social life. People of every sectors are totally corrupted. Not only politician and the people in high authority but also normal citizen had also similar kind of thinking.

Even in the place where students get knowledge they study that place is also corrupt. It is affecting our future generation too. Even our anti corruption departments fall on easy prey to the viles of the corrupted persons and they let them go Scot free after minor punishment. Everybody feels helpless in such a state of affair. All the politicians talks about corruption they gives lessons to other not to do this but still they can’t learn their own lesson given to others.

Because of the corruption of Nepal innocent and poor people are getting cheated up. It is a matter of shame and regret for all thee who care to hear the call of conscience . One feels like crying out with Shakespeare. Corruption is increasing day by day in Nepal due to the importance of money,it may be for the personal use or it may be for growing their empire many people of Nepal are getting corrupted.

According to 2017 survey study, the following factors have been attributed as causes of corruption: greed of money, desires and the report of the transparencyinternational revealed that the countries having political instability, poverty, illiteracy, backwardness, military rule etc. lead to more corruption. We Nepalese has always been devastated by corruption. Due to increasing corruption the level of development has decreased.

The relation of corruption has always been inversely related to the level of development. This lack of development resulted in economic backwardness increasing the poverty percent and the gap between the rich and poor has increased. Beside financial loss, corruption lead in the decrements of trust and morale of the people on the current system. This has also damaged the international reputation which demotivates the international investor to invest in developmental work. So, corruption need to be stopped and also try to prevent this dirty disease from our society.

For preventing corruption first people should change their thinking way of promoting their own relative and oneself for the desire of betterment. Government employees should be provided with better salary to their employees, increase in the number of workers can be also suitable way of curbing corruption. The budget and work of the government and the private companies should be made more transparent and the people needs to be updated about the projects.

Laws against corruption is most important aspect in order to penalize the corrupted people and create a transparent chain of policy and procedures. Moreover it is necessary to make strong law against corruption and implement them in strict manner. Our corruption law has not widened such recommended by united nation. There are loopholes present in the corruption laws that need to be urgently filled. And people involved in such kind of action needs to be strictly punished and boycotted from the society.

Hence, this disease need a proper cure for the betterment of human civilization in Nepal and make people morally and economically invested. End or minimization of corruption can be financial boom for Nepal.

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