Why Political Leadership not Intervening, If military and Diplomatic Level Moves Failed?

Compatriots, friends and comrades, our party, CPI(ML) 

K N Ramachandran

repeatedly stated that it is not, and Chinese troops Red Star, as a responsible Communist Party should do, should withdraw from the valley. The standoff started has repeatedly called for peaceful settlement of the from the first week of May when Chinese troops were border dispute between India and China, which is a sighted there, according to Indian army. Then there were leftover from the colonial days through bi-lateral series of discussions up to corps commander level talks discussions with neighborly spirit. But contrary to earlier and we are told on 5th June that an agreement on reports, today (26th June) the air force of both sides are de-escalation and disengagement is arrived at and it will active in the region. Meanwhile there were reports that be completed soon. On 12th June the Army chief said at Indian Navy is asked to intervene if Chinese vessels are Dehra Dun that disengagement is progressing well. sighted in nearby seas.

The Chinese spokespersons have repeatedly stated that Galwan Valley belongs to them and India should withdraw from there. But India has But on 16th June afternoon we hear that two Indian jawans and an officer are killed in the disputed area  China occupied by Chinese. By 9pm it becomes one officer and also was there neither he, nor the foreign minister 19 jawans are killed, but all others of the battalion are who attended the tripartite meeting with Chinese and safe. Next day it was told 76 jawans are injured, four  Russian foreign ministers tried to take up the border seriously, but others are safe. Then we hear four officers  question at political level. Whether there was any move and six jawans were handed over by the Chinese troops. 

from Chinese side also not known. Meanwhile a slanging match between BJP and Opposition, mainly Congress went on intensifying. According to reports, on 18th the external affairs minister of India had told his Chinese counterpart that the Chinese troops had entered on the Indian side of Galwan Valley and tried to erect structures leading to the 15th clash. 

After 23rd meeting of corps commanders, again reports came that consensus on disengagement is arrived at, but no time frame. On 25th diplomatic level discussion took place in which both sides agreed to implement the de-escalation. But latest reports from both sides show that the situation is becoming worse. Meanwhile, But, in the 19th June all party meeting, after reports Phulwama style statements are issued by Modi that the presented by his defense and foreign ministers and blood of Biharo jawans will not go in wain, trying to incite queries raised by Congress and other parties, without Bihari pride to help him to win the coming assembly answering to any of the queries from the opposition, elections there. As Chinese occupying the post where the surprising everybody present, PM Modi categorically clash took place which is proved by the latest satellite stated that “nobody entered our territory and captured photos, Modi is on the defensive and Congress is trying to any military post!”After consciously confusing the attack him for betraying the national interest, his discussions going on provoking further slanging match supporters naturally expect a Balakot from him! with Congress, the Sanghis were mobilized to start Boycott China campaign, while maximum Chinese trade and investments took place with Gujarat when he was CM there, and happened at all India level under his six-years rule. The Chinese side quoted Modi and asserted their claim to Galwan Valley. 

As BJP as well as Congress are reducing the political debate in to a single point one, and the tension may rise further, there is a real danger of a flare up as the Sanghis organizing Boycott China campaign and the saffron media is provoking war mongering and jingoism,naturally a question comes up: Why Modi is not asking for a foreign On 20th, Indian side came out rejecting the Chinese claim affairs level meeting, if necessary followed by him and Xi and defended Modi’s statement saying “it was on the for a political solution to the Galwan issue? All the situation after the clash”.LAC became very tense, with progressive forces should raise their voice, demanding a fears of new flare ups. Reports of tension in other hot political solution through a Modi-Xi talk. We should not spots also started coming out. On 22nd before going to allow them to go for a border war, which wil only worsen Moscow to witness the victory parade, the defense the border dispute, calling for very heavy military minister Rajnath Singh gave a hawkish statement, if China investments, further harming people’s interests. acts, give fitting reply. Though their counter parts from

New Delhi, 26th June 2020

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